What Must I Do To Be Saved?
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What Must I Do To Be Saved?
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Adult Sunday School Notes from Pastor Mark Bickel's Classes

    " Meeting Christ in the Gospels" - Winter 2013 / 2014

" Overview of the Book of Revelation - Summer 2013  "
      Week 5: Revelation Chapters 8 - 11 (August 4)
      Week 8: Revelation Chapters 19 - 20 (August 25)

"Who Are You? Where Do You Fit?" - Christmas 2012

The Law for Life: a study of Exodus-Deuteronomy, applying the Law to our daily lives – Summer 2011

"Who Are You? Where Do You Fit?" - part of "This We Believe: Spiritual Growth" - Spring 2011

The Kings and I: a study the of the Biblical kings and 21st century life

    Lesson 13: Thy Kingdom Come (September 5)

File / Size Note: All documents are adobe PDF files.  The “All Handouts” packet and the weekly “Presentation” files are larger files (1-5 Mb)

Copyright Note: Many of the maps and charts used throughout this course are copyrighted and provided for personal use only, they may not be further reproduced.  A complete list of books and online source material is included in the Bibliography.

Holidays and Holy Days – Winter 2009/2010
    Week 1: Advent Weeks 1 & 2 : Longing for Hope and Joy (December 6, 2009)
    Week 2: Advent Week 3: Longing for Love, Celebrating Advent & Christmas (December 13, 2009)
    Week 3: No Class due to Snow (December 20, 2009)

    Week 4: Advent Week 4 / Christmas: Longing for Peace, Christ Fulfills Our Longings (December 27, 2009)
    Week 5: OT Feast and Festivals: Annual Observations (January 3, 2010)
    Week 6: OT Feast and Festivals: Weekly and Multi-Year Cycles (January 10, 2010)
    Week 7: OT Feast and Festivals: Current Day Jewish Practices (January 17,2010)
    • No notes - Special Guest was Rabbi Jeremy Gerber

    Week 8: OT Feast and Festivals: Christ’s Fulfillment and NT Guidelines for Today (January 24, 2010)
    Week 9: Week 9: OT Feast and Festivals: Practicing the Sabbath and The Lord’s Day Today (January 31, 2010)

The Minor Prophets Speak Today - Summer 2009

For additional teaching on each prophet go to the teaching section of the Crossroads Blog by clicking here.

God’s Presence Among Us – Spring 2009

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