What Must I Do To Be Saved?
Grace Bible Fellowship Church, Wallingford, Pennsylvania
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What Must I Do To Be Saved?
About Our Church

Who Are You?
Grace Bible Fellowship Church is part of a fellowship of churches known as "The Bible Fellowship Church" begun in 1858. There are about 60 Bible Fellowship Churches scattered along the east coast of America. The Bible Fellowship Church takes seriously its mandate from the Lord and urges all to be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ, to receive forgiveness of sins, peace with God and eternal life.

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How Did You Come to Wallingford?
Grace Bible Fellowship Church of Wallingford began with an evangelistic effort in DeShong Park, Chester, PA in 1926. A property was purchased on the west side of Chester where meetings were held and a church organized soon afterward. In 1960, our present site was purchased and the Chester properties were sold. Services were held in the Chester Y.M.C.A. until March 1963, when the present church sanctuary was dedicated. In 1968, the adjoining property was purchased for a parsonage and additional parking space. In 1981, new space was added to the church building with the addition of classrooms, a gymnasium and offices.

What Do You Believe?
Grace Bible Fellowship Church is a group of Christians who hold a common faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and share a common commitment to Him as Lord.

BIBLE We accept the Bible as the inspired Word of God, the final and only authority for belief and lifestyle.
FELLOWSHIP We accept a common life, sharing in a loving, living, listening, giving, caring relationship to each other.
CHURCH Jesus Christ is Head of His Church, which bases its life on His revealed pattern in the Bible. The church is governed on earth by Christ, through a Board of Elders.

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What Do You Do?
We believe God wants us to do three things.
  • We WORSHIP Him as we meet for Biblical preaching, prayer, singing of hymns, and the Lord's Supper.
  • We EDIFY one another as we teach the Bible and nurture our faith through constructive interaction.
  • We EVANGELIZE as we endeavor to tell everyone the good news of Jesus Christ who came rescue the world from spiritual death.
Our mission is to spread the fragrance of the knowledge of Christ everywhere.

When Do You Worship?
9:00 AM
Our worship services are for the young and old who want to participate in the worship and celebration of God through songs and choruses. You will find our worship services are planned with the honor of God and His majesty in mind. We desire to be relevant in style and content.

What Do You Have For Children?
Children are important at Grace Church. Beginning with Promise Land on Sunday morning to ChIPS Choir, children are taught and encouraged in their relationship with the Lord Jesus. Promise Land offers them a journey each Sunday morning into the Bible and its importance for our lives. Wednesday evenings offers a music opportunity as children meets for ChIPS (Children Interested in Praising the Savior).

Are Teenagers Important to You?
Yes!! Teenagers are presented with opportunities for learning, serving, and making friends. Discipleship is a key concept for them. Our teen programs nurture their relationship with Jesus Christ and encourage them to be part of God's plan to change the world. Sunday School, Sunday evening meetings, and Wednesday night activities are open doors into God's exciting world.

How Do Adults Fit?
Adults come in all shapes and sizes, married and single, young and old, active and quiet, tall and small. Ministries to adults offer something for everyone. From Sunday School to the Sunday evening adult meeting, our meetings are geared to draw each person into to a closer walk with Christ and a deeper love for Him. The Bible is taught in a way that recognizes that our spiritual needs are both similar and different. Our spiritual needs are very similar but our circumstances are quite different. God's word is for everyone.

723 South Providence Road (Route 252), Wallingford, Pennsylvania 19086  (610) 876-8725  Dr. Richard E. Taylor, Pastor